Dogs kept for fighting found in ‘deplorable’ condition; owner arrested on animal cruelty counts

A Baton Rouge man was arrested for cruelty to animals after the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies found dogs kept in “pitiful” conditions for use in fighting.

A notice was given to MPs that there had been both drug trafficking and dog fighting in a particular house on Cypress Dale Avenue, according to records.

The Special Community Anti-Crime Team watched the house last week and watched Keontra Sanders, 27, go to different cars and have a face-to-face exchange.

The officers stopped two cars and arrested narcotics.

On Tuesday, authorities returned to Cypress Dale’s home and confronted Sanders in the driveway with a request to search his room for drugs. Sanders agreed to the search according to the booking documents.

Authorities found marijuana in his room, but discovered five puppies in the kitchen – three in a cage and two more in separate cages. They noticed seven other dogs in the backyard under “pathetic” living conditions, chained in the mud.

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A dog stood in a hole that was “filled to the neck with water,” according to documents. In an outside cupboard under the carport, they found another dog who was “riddled with dog bites” and with a broken leg.

All dogs appeared to be thin and malnourished, documents say, and MPs could not see adequate food or water.

Animal welfare officials called on site said the dogs appeared to be overworked from using a treadmill.

Sanders denied selling drugs and dog fighting, according to accounting records.

He was arrested Tuesday and sent to East Baton Rouge Community Prison for six cases of severe animal cruelty and two for drug possession.Dogs kept for fighting found in ‘deplorable’ condition; owner arrested on animal cruelty counts

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