Local Facebook Page Saving Animals In Need

When our readers first started following the cause facebook page I Love My Rescue, their following was only around 10. Now, with the help of their supporters, the page is at 8,300 followers and supporters!

The story that first caught our attention in 2018 was the story of page founder, David, adopting his 2nd special needs rescue dog Ollie. Ollie as abused with a baseball bat in East LA leaving him paralyzed and in diapers.

“Ollie taught me so much in life. He taught me responsibility, hard work and shaped me into the man I am today. He is the inspiration behind our group I Love My Rescue which me and Ollie supporters and likes now call ourselves “David Loves Ollie”. Diaper changes, medications and hospitals but I wouldn’t change a thing. Ollie was me everything.

David Hendrickson, Founder

In 2018 we first shared his story with you all, which gained their page hundreds of new supporters and our readers. It was easy to fall in love with Ollie too. Unfortunately Ollie recently passed away.

“After a 2 year battle with brain cancer, Ollie passed away in my arms. As he took his last breath it felt like I was taking mine too. I had no idea how to navigate this new life with out him. I find myself grabbing a diaper to change him or preparing his medication then I remember he isn’t with me anymore. I took me a long time to get back to our work. Eventually I realized I had to continue our work for Ollie and animals like him. Naming our group after Ollie is our way of acknowledging the work Ollie did and our loved together changing the lives of animals in our own little way.”

David Hendrickson, Founder
Please take a moment to watch the story of Ollie and heartbreaking yet beautiful letter to his dog. Get ready to cry guys!

The name change is the mark of a new beginning and to continue the work they have done over the many years they have invested in sharing the stories of animals like Ollie. This is the power behind facebook and the David Loves Ollie family. Through facebook, they have made a difference and they are taking to instagram next! “I realized we had to diversify our work and instagram is a new avenue for us and one we cannot wait to implement to further help our cause and reach a brand new audience.” wrote David.

David and Ollie were featured in Modern Dog who showcased their work in saving animals and the story of Ollie! It was a lovely article and gained popularity!

Please like and following David Loves Ollie on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/davidlovesollie and their brand new instagram page. We cannot wait to see what they can achieve going forward! The Daily Mutt writers are here to help!


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