Barn Owl saved by firefighters during a devastating fire

IRVINE, Calif. – Some of you may not know but we were evacuated a few days ago after the Silverado Fires broke out across Orange County CA. The massive fire started in Irvine destroying 14,000 acres in just two days forcing 90,000 of us residents to evacuate. And wildlife were being killed during the blaze with firefighters scrambling to save their lives.

Crews with the Orange County Fire Authority encountered a barn owl Tuesday and rescued it from the flames as they were in the area battling the blaze. The incredible video posted by the crew shows the men cradling the injured owl and taking him to safety.

The video, now viral, shows just how important and caring our firefighters are! Two firefighters were critically burned fighting the blaze and several had minor injuries. They continue to contain the blaze and save as much wildlife as they can.


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