Why did the Authorities Allow a Known Abuser to Keep 8 Dogs?


Finally the dog breeder who kept and abused eight dogs will see his day in court in a landmark animal abuse case in Malta.

The dogs were confiscated earlier this week following a joint operation between the Environmental Health Department and Animal Welfare who found the dogs living in squalor on Triq Tony Zahra.

The operation led to the Association For Abandoned Animals, in Malta, taking in four of the dogs. They have detailed the extent of their abuse.

“Saying they are in terrible condition is not even explaining it.”

The worst of the dogs is named Ollie. He is in critical condition and current in the operating room having both of his eyes removed.

“Completely blind with one eye beyond infected and the other burst. The vet will decide if both eyes need to be removed or just one,” the AAA said.

“The pain he must be in is terrible. Leishmania positive (sandfly), rotten teeth and gums, and he suffers just to eat.”

According to animal activist Alison Bezzina, this specific case was reported as early as November last year, and was meant to be presented in court, but was deferred to a later date.

“Mr. Noel Montebello, Director of Animal welfare asked the court to let Animal Welfare seize the dogs and also explained that they had already arranged for NGOs to re-home them, a fact which I have verified is true,” she said in her blog post.

“Despite the case being about live, breathing and feeling creatures, the magistrate deferred the case to March 16th 2020. That’s another 120 days of torture for these dogs! How’s that for justice delayed and justice denied?”


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