A Man Was Found Dead on a Tiger Reserve Leading to a Investigation.

A man was just killed protecting the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. Famous as the ‘Tiger State’, Madhya Pradesh boasts the most number of tigers with an estimated 300 in its six reserves.

The Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve released a statement regarding this case. Many have left their comments of condolences for the family and some have questions.

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They write, “We must salute to such hero, Shri Chinta Baiga, Surksha Kshramik sacrificed his life, while patrolling in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, attacked by Tiger in the morning. May God give [strength] to his family.” One family member called into question how the man was actually killed even with wounds indicative of a tiger attack.

PC: @CentralIfs @IFS_Officers @RandeepHooda

This is not the first time a patrol officer has been found deceased near a wildlife preserve. In Fact several patrol officers were found murdered across India, including Madhya Pradesh, after being gunned down by poachers. These areas have constant turf wars between poachers and the people protecting these animals leading to violence across the state.

PC: Ritesh Sirothia/MPFD

This comes on the heels of a case where two leopards and two spotted deer skins were seized by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department. The department confiscated the skins and arrested the kingpin of the gang responsible for the killings.

This was a joint operation between the State Tiger Strike Force (STSF) with the help of Tiger Strike Force Jabalpur. Comment below and show these amazing people your support. The work they do is quit literally saving our planet and its wild species.

PC: Ritesh Sirothia/MPFD


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