Missing foster dog found abused with skull fractures and broken ribs.

This is every rescuer’s worst fear. In July a foster dog named Evangeline went missed and three months later she was found in horrific conditions on the verge of death!

The animal was transported straight to their emergency vet center were doctors were waiting to act quickly! The Humane Society of Northern Utah are shocked by what happened to their foster dog.

“She has a fractured skull and neurological damage including blindness and concussions with a haematoma,” the post said.

“Every open wound is infected because she couldn’t use the bathroom other than on herself.”

Rescuers have shared her photos and story on Facebook to try and find the person who abused Evangeline. Please share this story to help!
They have reported the Evangeline is a fighter and the treatment and care she is getting has made a huge impact in her recovery! Yay, you go girl!

“Evangeline continues to amaze us with her spirit and fight. She is eating on her own despite her jaw fractures,”

Evangeline appears to have some vision, although it is not clear how much yet. They are “anxious to see what happens with her brain injury and how she will recover”

Their only focus now is pain management and making sure she is getting the rest and nutrition. The list of injuries is long but she will need to heal mentally too.

The case is under investigation by authorities. Please share this story and help authorities hunt down what coward did this to Evangeline.


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