72 Year Old Women Trapped After Trying to Rescue Her Dog Off Cliff.

( Peninsula Daily News )

Need a dose of positive news for once? This is an amazing story of a 72-year-old woman and her dog rescued from ledges below an embankment in Port Angeles, Washington.

Everyone is safe and uninjured, said Jake Patterson, chief of Clallam County Fire District 2.

After the women’s dog fell over the embankment, she attempted to rescue it but also became trapped. She could not move from a ledge about 50 feet down a steep slope and 15 feet above her dog.

Sgt. John Keegan with the Clallam County Sheriff’s office coordinated with Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue officers to deploy rescuers and equipment to the scene, Patterson said, Port Angeles Fire Department also sent two rescuers.

Peninsula Daily News reports that Tyler Gear, Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue firefighter and emergency medical technician, was lowered by rope to secure the dog’s owner with a rescue harness. They were pulled to the top by 2:33 p.m. by several rescuers hauling on the rigged rope system.

Once the dog owner was safely atop the embankment, Kelly Thomas, who has received specialized training in rescuing dogs in this type of situation, was lowered to the dog. He placed the animal in a special harness and both were pulled up by 3:32 p.m. Kelly Thomas is a hero!

In total one ambulance, one fire engine, one wildland engine, three command vehicles and a total of 17 personnel responded to the scene working together to save the womens and her very scared doggy.


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