Reality star admits to “pleasuring” his dog on a podcast & thousands are mad!


Reality star and broadcaster Joe Budden is under heavy scrutiny after comments he made during a podcast. We are Daily Mutt are horrified by his comments and disgusted by his cavalier attitude towards this. Animal molestation, beastiality, is nothing to take lightly and hundreds of animals every year are victims of this horrific abuse.

In the clip, which is an extract from an episode of one of Joe’s podcasts, he says, “anybody with a pet – come on, you did a little something down there that makes the dog feel good.” The guests on his podcast look horrified and visibly uncomfortable as anyone else would be. Through their awkward laughing one guest comments that he would never do this.

Immediately following these statements Joe Budden was under attack on social media and rightfully so. The internet is furious with Joe and are not taking this lightly.

During their custody battle over their child, Joe’s former fiancé, Cyn Santana, says she witnessed on more than one occasion, Joe Budden “personally masturbating” his own dog, which she says he believes is his responsibility should no other option be available. Cyn says the bizarre habit is indicative of Joe Budden’s “poor judgment, lack of empathy for others, lack of appropriate boundaries, and need for supervision.”

His friends are supporting Joe and saying …

Meanwhile thousands of concerned people are demanding he be prosecuted with many taking to social media to express their concern.

Cyn Santana also publicly said that he beat her so bad she literally had a miscarriage. his other ex came out last week n said he abused her as well. What are your thoughts about Joe and his statements? Let us know in the comment section and share this story in hope these allegations are taken seriously.


Joe Budden “responds” to allegations about his inapropriate sexualy touching of his dog on Twitter. Keep in mind he is still involved in a court case where his ex fiance states he broke her nose and repeatedly beat her. His response is surprising considering he is on tape discussing “masturbating” his own dog. But what do you think? Should Joe be let off the hook?


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