The Special Needs Dog That Took Social Media By Storm Passed Away.

The special needs rescue dog named Serenity passes away.

She passed in the arms of her rescuer and foster mommy Patti. I want to first thank everyone single one of you who supported Serenity and Dallas Dog RRR and their decision to save her. I want to thank everyone who shared her story, donated and sponsored her with a mask. You support means more to me then you can know and your support for Patti and Serenity does not go unnoticed. I know you love this special girl just as much as we do.

Serenity came to Dallas Dog in early August with the diagnosis of Chondrosarcoma, a malignant type of bone cancer that eats away at cartilage. It was in the advanced stages and the doctors all agreed there was no treatment. Rescuers consulted with specialist about her quality of life and all agree she would make a great candidate to be spoiled and loved unconditionally as time permitted. It was at that point we decided to make her a HOSPICE,  in rescue it means that she is loved and spoiled like crazy and given medical treatment to keep her pain free and comfortable.

Patti Dawson, President of DDRRR, was Serenity’s foster mom and caregiver. Serenity was happy and enjoyed life. She would eat three four times a day and loved snacks. She was feisty and brave. Serenity loved other dogs and anyone she met. 

Serenity was forgiving and accepting of everyone, she loved people, when they visited she would go right over to them wagging her tail nudging her head into you until you pet her! She craved the attention and loved every bit of it.

“Serenity was a beacon of light, an inspiration and loved without judgement. Serenity lived every day to its fullest. I admired her and her ability to forgive and love unconditionally. Serenity quickly became the voice for thousands of other animals like her.” Patti Dawson

My friends at Dallas Dog RRR were attacked on social media for their decision to care for Serenity. They saw facebook once again turn into a place of hate. But they stood strong behind their decision and behind Serenity. They knew she didn’t have long with them but deserved to be loved for what ever time she had. Serenity surprised even her doctors and specialist in how healthy and strong she became over the past few weeks.

Then, this weekend, Patti knew it was time. Patti could see Serenity was ready and Serenity told her rescuer it was time to say goodbye. Time to usher Serenity into heaven. In tears, Patti said goodbye. The entire team at Dallas Dog RRR and Patti are devastated but know they did the right thing for Serenity. She flourished for weeks and that’s why Patti stood behind Serenity. Serenity felt love for the first time in her life.

Every animal deserves this chance be loved.

Serenity’s rescuers worked with animal saving company Hendrick and Co to create a collection dedicated to Serenity’s journey with products displaying a hand painted portrait of Serenity. You can donate to her care OR sponsor in her honor

Your friend,

David H.


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