An abused dog found chained inside a landfill in Mexico gets a second chance

Meet Astrid, an abused and abandoned puppy in Mexico. Her feet were left chained and she was unable to move. Her abuser left her for days in over 100° whether. Her body tells the story of months of continual abuse. Thankfully a good samaritan happened to stumble upon Astrid.

There are very little if any laws protecting streets pets in Mexico so most animals never survive their abuse. One organization called Dallas Dog Rescue.Rehab.Reform were alerted to Astrid and her situation. They have had experience rescue animals from Mexico and immediately went into action. Knowing Astrid didn’t have much longer a volunteer transported the dog across the border into Texas.

On the way to the ER Vets she crashed and volunteers were able to keep her alive until they arrived at the hospital. The veterinary hospital staff were able to stabilize Astrid overnight. Her photos tell you all you need to know.

She is skin and bone. Clearly starved and abused before being chained inside a landfill. She could not walk and was hard for her to lift her head. Astrid has had a blood transfusion along with IV fluids and life saving care.

Her bills are in the thousands at that is something Dallas Dog RRR does not have. Funds are tight enough for a small nonprofit and taking on an animal like Astrid took a lot of guts! We salute their team! I will keep you updates on her story and care.

In the meantime support this little girl if you can. Two ways. Donate at or purchase an Astrid mug or towel here


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