A dog was rescued from pipe after being missing for days

Photo: John Devenere

Casper, a 9-year-old deaf white Australian Shepard, was saved from a long drainage pipe after going missing for days.

Casper went missing along with another dog on Friday, September 4th. The other dog was found but Casper was still missing. it wasn’t until 2 days later, that the owners received a call from Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) that a dog could be heard barking from under a driveway a half-mile from their house.

Casper’s owners arrived and said they could hear frantic barking from inside a narrow metal underground drainage pipe they estimated to be 50-feet long. WHS called 911 and, as a result, Ferndale Police and Whatcom County Fire arrived on scene to help save the animal.

After trying to pull Casper out, the fire department chose to dig through the yard and cut a hole through the pipe to save the dog. A neighbor let rescuers use a excavator to dig out the pipe and cut a pipe with a saw.

Culvert pipe after WCFD7 crews cut it open. Photo: John Devenere

An EMT on scene and grabbed Casper and pulled him out of the pipe to safety. The dog was exhausted and was rushed into the arms of his owners who was relieved to see Casper again.

A huge thank you to the Whatcom Humane Society, Ferndale Police and Whatcom County Fire who all worked together to free Casper. Leave a comment of support in the comments and share Casper’s incredible story!

Casper is safe and unharmed.

WCFD7 Lieutenant John Devenere took photos and videos while the rescue played out and Firefighter and EMT Scott Rubright assembled them into the following video montage.


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