One Amazing Rescue Dog named Chewy Finds A New Home.

What do you think of when you hear the name Chewbacca? Star Wars right. You may not know the story of another Chewbacca, a small special rescue dog who became a inspiration to thousands.

Chewy’s story is one of the most amazing transformation I have seen in an abused dog. The before and after pictures tell a story of bravery and strength. Chewy was rescued by the team at The Arrow Fund. They knew his journey would be long but also knew Chewy was up for the challenge! And so were they!

Chewbacca came to The Arrow Fund with most of his nose and upper mouth gone. Maggots were coming out of what was left of his nose. Teeth were broken and his coat was a heavy pelt of filth, fleas and ticks. His eyes were also were grossly infected.

TAF took to social media for support and even work with Hendrick and Co. to help fund raise! Thousands of supporters shared his story and help play a part in his recovery in one way or another.

See The Amazing Transformation Here

6 Procedures later, Chewbacca is looking so much better. He still has a stent in his nasal passage that was surgically created. He goes for monthly check ups with his surgeon at Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists.

A heartfelt thank you to his foster mommy Donna Knott who was Chewy’s caregiver through out it all. Chewy is now in his forever home living every day full of love. It’s an amazing feeling knowing he will never be harmed ever again. It’s proof that this world can be a beautiful place.

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