This man risks his own life to save a wolf!

The video of one brave man risking his life to save a wolf went viral. With many wolves at risk of extinction the fact that this hero risked it all to save it’s life is inspirational. Thank you sir!

In the video you can see the wolf writhing in pain with its front legs in a trap. The man used a metal rod

In the video, the animal is wincing in pain as its front legs are trapped. The man has a rod in his hand and tries to move the animal to one side. He then uses his hand to put a cuff around the wolf’s paws and manages to successfully free the huge wolf. The man quickly moves to safety.

With the trap out of its way, the wolf gets up, startled, and looks in the man’s direction. It runs the other way quickly. The video has almost 90,000 views on Twitter with many showing their support for the brave man. Shows your in the comments! Share and help bring a little light in a dark world.


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