I Rated 7 Alexa Dog Skills & Here Is What I Found

Have an Alexa device? Have a pet? You may not know but Alexa can help you with your dogs! I did some research on what exactly I can do with my Echo Dot and found these awesome Amazon skills and gave them each a try. Here is what I learned…

Al the Dog Trainer: 6/10 score

“Alexa, open Al the Dog Trainer”

I have an unruly chihuahua so when I heard about the AI the Dog Trainer skills I thought lets do this! The Al the Dog Trainer is your dog trainer on hand. This skill is more for the owner than your dog but it does come in handy. It helps you understand dogs and their behavior

To use the skill simply say “Alexa, open AI the Dog Trainer” then ask a question related to training your pet. Al Longoria, the creator, tailors his responses to answer your questions. Alexa will pull content related to your question to help you. My thoughts are the idea of it awesome because who couldn’t use a helping hand but the responses were limited and some answers didn’t feel relevant to the questions. This is across the board with. most things regarding a smart home device to communicates with you. Nevertheless it was still interesting to use.

Calm My Dog : 9/10 score

“Alexa, open Calm My Dog”

I talked about this in a previous article about how to help your dog’s anxiety by using music or white noise. So I have some experience with this skill and honestly I love it.

It’s such a simple concept that I wish I would have thought of first!! hahaha. Ask Alexa to open the skill and music will play to soothe your pet and reduce stress levels. I like to use this when I leave the house for any reason. I would give this a try for your pet!

Puppy Jams : 5/10 score

“Alexa, open Puppy Jams”

Now, on the other hand, Puppy Jams tailors its choice of music to your dog’s moods. When you open this skill, Alexa will ask how your dog is feeling so it can play tunes that fit your dog’s mood. Like Calm My Dog it utilizes the power of music but in a different way.

For I found this skill to be a little too much for my dogs. The music was erratic at some points and honestly I was a little more worried it would stress them out more. Another funny concept but not quit right in my case.

Audible for Dogs : 7/10

“Alexa, play Audiobooks for Dogs by Cesar Millan”.

Staying on theme Audible came out with a way for your pets to enjoy audio books. Apparently if you don’t have time to read your dog a book, Audible for Dogs is a great skill to have enabled. I don’t think I have ever read a book to my dog so I was so excited to give this a try.

Here is the cool part. Almost 76% of users who tried this skill reported their dogs seemed more relaxed and calm. I played this when I left the home. It seems to have a similar effect as white noises the only downfall is you need an Audible account.

The Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, partnered with Audible for this skill. Start by setting up an Audible account with Alexa using the Alexa app on your phone. From there, download the free book “Audiobooks for Dogs by Cesar Millan”.

MyPetDoc : 9/10

“Alexa, open MyPetDoc”

This is the one I was most eager to try. Mostly because I am always scared of my dogs getting sick and me not knowing. If your worried about your dog’s health, you can ask MyPetDoc a serious of questions and it will give a list of possible solutions. This skills app has a vast archive of veterinary information to answer questions and concerns about your dog’s health.

IMPORTANT Never solely trust any app, website or skill to treat your pet. Always get the help of a professional and MYPetDoc makes it easy for you! You can connect immediately with a licensed veterinarian if you can’t find the right answer.

Stop Dog Barking : 8/10

“Alexa, open Stop Dog Barking”

My house is ALWAYS full of my dog’s barks. William will literally bark at any little noise and it can be frustrating. This Alexa skill can be a real lifesaver. The Stop Dog Barking skill will emit a high-pitched frequency that dogs don’t like and will cause them to stop barking.

There has been similar technology used like this before with devices you can hold in your hand to do the same thing. This just takes it a step further using your Echo device. According to the AVMA this is a safe way to help with your dog’s need to bark. It worked for me most of the time.

Fascinating Dog Facts : 10/10

“Alexa, play fascinating dog facts”

Let’s end on a fun note. You have to try Fascinating Dog Facts. Once you’ve downloaded and activated this Alexa skill, it will read off randomly selected dog facts that range from the questions you’ve always wanted answers to facts you never thought to ask about.

This was so. much fun to use. It’s a fun way to pass the time and learn more about our pets!

In all you have to try out these Amazon Alexa skills. There are so many more to chose from. Give it a go and whatever you do try let me know in the comments. I’d love to read your opinions on these!


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