I tested playing music for dog’s anxiety & here is what I learned.

Like most people my dogs get terrified during fireworks and thunderstorms. My tiniest, William, has terrible separation anxiety. Does hearing noises outside make your pets nervous? Studies have shown leaving on calming music of white noise sounds can help relieve your dog’s anxiety. So I thought I should try this myself. Here is what I learned.

These studies have proven that playing this same music at shelters have helped lower the amount of barking, lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and even lower respiratory rates.

This wasn’t a surprise to me because I have to sleep with a white noise next to my bed every night to sleep. Like my own pets, I too have anxiety and calming music always does the trick but I never thought of it helping my pets as well. It is an easy technique we can use to help ease our pets stress.

After looking into different ways of getting white noise or calming noise for my pets I found some options.

  • In my main living area I have several Amazon Echo Dots that I use to play classical music when I am gone for my pets. Its been the easiest way for me because I already had these in my house! All you have to do is talk to it “ “Alexa, Open Relax My Dog”” and your pet is good to go!
  • Using a traditional white noise machine like the one I use. This is an easy options and fairly inexpensive. I think the machine I purchased was around $45.
  • You can play calming classical musical through your computer, sonos system or even your smart home devices.
  • There are even apps you can get for most smart devices that have the capability to be used for your pets.

So when should you use this technique? For me, as an example, I use this trick anytime I leave the house. No matter how long I am away, I simply ask my Alexa device to play calming music. It’s easy and simple. And the best part is it actually works!

I have an interior camera to watch my dogs when I am gone and now that I have implemented this technique my dog William isn’t waiting at the door scared for me to get home. I noticed he even barks less while I am gone at outside noises. My neighbors are happy about that, hahahaha.

On trick I learned is that dogs can become used to the same background noise so you need to change up the sounds or music periodically so your pet doesn’t get accustomed to the sounds and fall back into separation anxiety.

The conclusion is that it works! At least it did for me. Both my white noise machine and my Alexa dot work. I will say that Alexa dot makes it a little simpler and does several apps specifically for your pets. Playing music is the simplest way to help ease your pets stress and yours too knowing your furry friends are happy. Give it a try! Your pets will thank you.


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