2 puppies were found abandoned in Texas.

This is heartbreaking friends. There were 6 puppies dumped in South Dallas. Dallas Dog RRR sent volunteers on the ground to find every puppy. They were so scared and leery of people that it took a long time to find each one. You can imagine how scary it must have been for them. Here is the problem DDRRR is facing! Two of the puppies are in critical condition. When they were found both puppies were covered in blood. Of course the volunteers acted quickly and rushed both dogs to the Emergency Vet were doctors were waiting to save their lives.

Since someone dumped these puppies in South Texas we do not know who did this. Here is what we do know. Both puppies are lethargic, infested with ticks, covered in wounds from being attacked or abused. Their bodies tell a very sad story. In the photos you can see the wounds on their heads. They are petrified. Doctors first gave them blood transfusions to try and stabilize both puppies. By the way rescuers have named them Atticus and Addison!

They are scared learning to trust, they are slowly coming around with the staff. Their medical bills are high given their amount of emergency care needed and Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform needs our help desperately! Their bills are in the thousands. We are sponsoring Atticus and Addison with these custom products with a custom watercolor painting I made. 



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