This very special therapy dog brings joy to seniors being quarantined.

One very special and very large therapy dog, Tonka, is visiting elderly patients under quarantine at Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites.

We're so excited to just be able to make them smile today," Tonka's owner, Courtney Leigh, told NBC affiliate KXAN.

Residents wave and place their hands on the glass trying to feel close to Tonka. Seeing these images shows just why therapy animals are important, especially during a crisis like this.

Tonka and Courtney Leigh are visiting nursing homes but not going inside. Instead, they are visit residents through their windows, holding up sweet notes letting the senior citizens know they are loved.

The residents are then posting signs on their side of the window that say things like, “Tonka, I miss you!”

Before leaving, Tanka lets the residents know he will see them soon.

It can be extremely isolating for our elderly during this time. Many senior living facilities are on quarantine to keep residents safe. Knowing that therapy pets like Tonka are there to lift their spirits gives hope during these uncertain times.

This gentle giant was also recognized as the "Hero of the Day" on the TODAY show Thursday.

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